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Object Oriented Programming

Introduction, Abstraction & Inheritance, Introduction to Generalization & Specialization, Multiple Inheritance & Associations, Object-Oriented Modeling, Introduction to Objects and Classes, Constructors, Destructor, Accessor Functions & this Pointer, Constant data members & Static Variables, Constant data members & Static Variables& Array of objects, new Operator & Getter and Setter, Composition, Composition& Aggregation and Friend Functions, Operator overloading, Inheritance, Access Specifiers, Copy Constructor &Assignment Operator, Overriding, Types of Inheritance, Polymorphism, Abstract & Concrete Classes, Polymorphism – Case Study, Multiple Inheritance, Generic Programming, Templates and Friends, Generic Algorithms Revisited, Cursors & Vectors, Standard Template Library, Iterators, Techniques for Error Handling, Exception Handling.
Computer Science - IT
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