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SELFIE ! Mania

Aug 08, 2016
By : Editor

The selfie or selfie-portrait photograph, has become more than passing fad amongst most smartphones and social media users these days. Clicking away pictures of oneself at events, parties, weddings, restaurants and movies etc. And sharing them on social media sites has gradually...

Pak-China Joint Venture to Introduce New Technology

Aug 06, 2016
By : Editor

Pakistan’s Balochistan Glass Limited has signed a joint venture with Chinese company Globallink Glass Technology and Equipment. The agreement was signed at the Punjab Board of Investment and Trade (PBIT) on Thursday

Amena Cheema, Chief Executive Officer of the PBIT, who welcomed...

Learn Smart Pakistan Summer Challenge 2016 concludes with thousands participating across the country

Aug 04, 2016
By : Editor

The Knowledge Park's third of the arrangement Learn Smart Pakistan 2016 Summer Challenge went on for around six weeks and saw multiplied support when contrasted with the most recent year's occasion. The Challenge pulled in more than 3600 aggregate members which included 3,114 keen...

Only 15.2% Android Devices are running on Marshmallow

Aug 03, 2016
By : Editor

Android 6.0 Marshmallow is gradually and consistently attempting to advance toward more gadgets. 
It's been one year since it was taken off, and Android 7.0 Nougat is to be taken off soon yet the reaction to Marshmallow has been noticebly cool. Just 15.2% of all dynamic Android...

LG V20 To be First Android 7.0 Nougat phone

Aug 02, 2016
By : Editor

Recently it was an interesting issue when Google would dispatch the new form of Android 7.0. Presently it's particularly clear that the new form will be discharged in September, TNG reports. It's very amazing that Android 7.0 is first going to dispatch in LG V20 rather than...

The Chrome extension which can make YouTube lectures highly productive

Aug 01, 2016
By : Editor

Knowing the potential of present technology, today,the majority of the academia is on the digital bandwagon to reap its benefits.Study centers have started digitizing their study resources to make them easily available for students.A lot of the universities now add their video lectures to various...

Education for All (EFA)?

Jul 30, 2016
By : Editor

The closing date for achieving the UN devised schooling for All (EFA) ambitions to help make universal schooling a truth is now not up to two years away.But, the schooling predicament stays a ways from encouraging throughout so much of the establishing world, particularly so in our country....

CS403 Database Management Systems (Assignment & Solution)

Jul 27, 2016
By : Editor

  • The column (Table) will hold a fixed-length Unicode characters like Japanese, Chinese, French, Arabic and so on characters.


we use NCHAR because Fixed-length Unicode string data. n defines the string...

Amazon To Test Drone Delivery in partnership with UK government

Jul 26, 2016
By : Editor

The company will run tests to explore the viability of drones carrying deliveries weighing five pounds or less – which make up 90% of Amazon’s sales

Amazon has announced that it will partner with the British government to run tests exploring the viability of delivery of...

New Movie Screen Technology lets you See 3D Without Those Glasses

Jul 26, 2016
By : Editor

MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab (CSAIL) has created movie screen technology that lets you watch 3D movies without the glasses.

Co-developed with the Weizmann Institute for Science in Israel, the technology actually makes the picture more crisp....

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