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How to Show Schedule of an employee

Nov 28, 2018

Assalam o Alaikum 

                                 Sir, I'm working on the salon management system and I want to show schedule of an employee with booked and available slots, kindly guide me...

Final Year Project (Traffic Signal Management System_Solution)

Aug 15, 2016
By : admin

Use Case Title:    Traffic Check

Use Case Id:        1

Requirement Id:   1

Description:    In this use case system will check the traffic load on the...

~Quiz Time~

Jul 01, 2016
By : Admin

Which of the following have the fastest access time?

a)     Semiconductor Memories

b)      Magnetic Disks

c)      Magnetic Tapes

d)      Compact Disks


Final Year Project (Traffic Signal Management System)

Jul 01, 2016
By : Admin

Traffic Signal Management System

This project is about traffic signal management, which allow managing the traffic on a four way road. The system will consist of four signals on each road. The system will manage the signal timing according to the size of...

Final Year Project (NGO Donation Management System)

Jul 01, 2016
By : Admin

NGO Donation Management System 

Poverty and hunger are the main problem of our country. There are many NGO’s or Organizations that are working to minimize poverty and hunger in society. These organizations take donations for this purpose and arrange...

Final Year Project(Real Time Language Translator)

Jul 01, 2016
By : Admin


Real Time Language Translator

A company ABC has business around the world. They are facing the problem of communication due to differences in language, which is the main communication barrier between staff of the company located in different...

Final Year Project(Online Parking Booking System )

Jul 01, 2016
By : Admin

Online Parking Booking System 

This system will assist users to get rid of unwanted SMS in unmatchable way. The mobile Parking is the major issue now-a-days. This project is about reserving parking space online. It overcomes the problem of finding a parking space...

Free Consultancy For Final Year Projects

Jul 01, 2016
By : Admin


Pakistan’s first online education portal ilmipoint came up with the new...

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