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Theory of Automata assignmnent

Jan 16, 2017
By : afirahzia

CS402 - Theory of Automata assignmnent


CS403 Database Management Systems (Assignment & Solution)

Jul 27, 2016
By : Editor

  • The column (Table) will hold a fixed-length Unicode characters like Japanese, Chinese, French, Arabic and so on characters.


we use NCHAR because Fixed-length Unicode string data. n defines the string...

Writing will let your Students Solve their Study Problems

Jul 01, 2016
By : Admin

Assessment is the crucial element to determine how much your students are picking the topic which you are trying to make them learning. Other than tests and assignments you can give them little tasks to accomplish in order to express their understanding and the best way is to make the writing...

Taking Notes is the Key to Success in Studies

Jul 01, 2016
By : Admin

A good student has many characteristics which differentiate him/her from other class mates and tells a person how a student is doing well in studies related matters. Along with other good practices, taking study notes is one of the key factors which help a student throughout educational...

Spring 2016_CS519 - Fitness Club Management System

Jul 01, 2016
By : Admin

In today fast-pace world keeping manual records is very tedious job and longer to generate different kinds of reports. Fitness club is also facing this problem. To overcome this problem we will develop a website for fitness Club Company to be able to move their business online and to increase the...

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