Final Year Project (Traffic Signal Management System)

Jul 01, 2016
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Traffic Signal Management System

This project is about traffic signal management, which allow managing the traffic on a four way road. The system will consist of four signals on each road. The system will manage the signal timing according to the size of traffic on a road parallel to it. By measuring the traffic lined up on a particular road the signal timings are adjusted to let that particular way clear out and then the next populated one.The system should have following features:

  • The system will show the traffic on a road graphically.
  • By measuring the traffic lined up on a road signal timings should be adjusted.
  • According to the adjusted timing of signal the system should clear out the particular way and then the next route accordingly.
  • There should be an emergency override that allows traffic authorities to remotely let go a particular signal in case an ambulance or important vehicle arrives on that way.
  • The system should allow smooth and efficient traffic flow across all four ways.
  • The system should dynamically schedule the signals.
  • The system should enhance the traffic signal performance.
  •  The system should have the ability to reduce traffic jam.


Tools & Technologies:



Application Type: Web Application/ Desktop

Possible Students: 1 to 2

For understanding purpose:


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