Final Year Project (NGO Donation Management System)

Jul 01, 2016
By : Admin

NGO Donation Management System 

Poverty and hunger are the main problem of our country. There are many NGO’s or Organizations that are working to minimize poverty and hunger in society. These organizations take donations for this purpose and arrange fund raising events/ processes so that everyone can donate anything. This project will build an efficient management system for such organizations to manage their resources and donations. The NGO have following features for donation management system.

  • The system should have a user registration processand this registration will be for two perspectives
    • For those who want to donate.
    • For those who want to volunteer
  • The user can make an online donation.
  • The system should send a confirmation email to the donor after successful donation.
  • For any event like fundraising program the system should send an invitation to all regular donors automatically.
  • User can donate tangible things also.
  • The system should allow the donation at organization level also.
  • The system can send out reminders for scheduled tasks and appointments.
  • The system can import online donations and donor records from the website.
  • The system can send batch email to contacts.
  • The system can track fundraising campaigns and donations.

For reference:

Tools & Technologies

Any modern tool and technology



Application Type: Web Application

Possible Students: 1 to 2


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